Linjateräs – hyvä työpaikka / Great Place To Work certification

The certificate is a recognition of the company’s employee experience, which means that the employees enjoy their workplace and trust their employer. A great workplace is built through trust, values ​​and leadership. The validation process includes e.g. in-depth interviews with our employees, so the awarding of the certificate is directly influenced by our employees’ feedback […]

Linjateräs has been chosen by Kauppalehti magazine as one of the most successful companies in Finland. We are glad of the certificate Kauppalehti has granted us. The certificate is given according to an analysis made based on the financial stability and capability of the company. According to the analysis, we have been ranked among the […]

A Part of Linjateräs’ new strategy has been to make a brand renewal and to also change the marketing communication outwards to a clearer, more people-oriented direction —  exactly how it is inside the factory walls here at Linjateräs.  We’ve been making the brand renewal since the beginning of the year, the Brand Book, the […]

“For the first time in my life, I get to do my work from an employee’s perspective. I had a great opportunity to join Linjateräs’ brilliant team as a partner. At this age, it feels great to be able to develop the business and sales of an excellently managed company as a co-owner”, says Ari. […]