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700% More Peace of Mind With Our Efficient Powder Coating Services

Previously unseen 7-step pre-treatment process, quality control, racking, monitoring, and more – all designed to make your life easier.

Personal service and continuously running 200 meter automatic production line guarantee you a reliable and efficient operation every time.

Linjateräs – High-quality Powder Coating Made Quick and Easy for you. Contact us for all your powder coating needs.

Powder coated products made to your specifications in 1-5 working days.

Your certified partner because quality is the key.

We want to guarantee you the best possible overall service and quality. Therefore, in addition to our own strict quality and inspection criteria, we have wanted several independent parties to evaluate our operations, for example with various certificates and licenses. 

We have been granted e.g. ISO9001 quality certificate, ISO14001 environmental certificate and The Key Flag Symbol of Finnish work. 

Linjateräs. High-quality Powder Coating Services.
The modern way of dense racking by Linjateräs


A typical way of loose racking in the industry

Our Hanger Technology Saves You Money.

Efficiently 2.1 meters high and 200 meters long, our continuously running automatic powder coating production line enables dense and efficient racking of your products, and guarantees consistent quality and cost-effectiveness. It doesn’t only save your money, but also the environment.

Linjateräs — High-quality Powder Coating Services globally from Tampere
With our own laboratory we can offer you even better powder coating services.
Linjateräs. Kehitimme kattavan 7-vaiheisen esikäsittely- ja laadunvalvontaprosessin joka mahdollistaa sinulle erittäin laadukkaan lopputuloksen.

The Quality of The Powder Coating Is Already Made In The Pre-treatment.

We developed a comprehensive 7-step pre-treatment and quality control process that allows you to have a very high quality result and guarantees a durable finish.

Linjateräs 7-step pretreatment process allows for a high-quality powder coating result

We monitor your product and our manufacturing process at all times to ensure quality and efficiency.

Our customer portal allows you to see the status of your product in real-time, and our tracking system enables you to check your product phases up to 2 months later.

“Linjateräs has been finishing the surfaces of our aluminum components and profiles carefully and quickly for years. The finished surfaces has met our strict quality standards without exception. “

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