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Linjateräs — Powder Coating services
Linjateräs — the fastest and most modern powder coating in Finland. Certified in your benefit. ISO 9001
Linjateräs — the fastest and most modern powder coating in Finland. Certified in your benefit. ISO 14001

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    What you should take into consideration when preparing your product for powder coating?

    The powder coating finishes the surface of your product beautifully. However, it does not fix and fill the shapes of your product. In other words, if your product has possible surface unevenness or other imperfections, the powder coating will not be able to fix them. So always remember to prepare and finish your product carefully for painting. For example, if your product has visible unfinished welds or any other imperfections before the powder coating, they will still be visible after the powder coating.

    Linjateräs — Your powder coating expert

    Maximum product dimensions for powder coating:

    Width: 1 150 mm
    Height: 2 100 mm
    Length: 6 600 mm
    (even 9 100mm with certain reservations)

    Drop Zone and Production

    You can drop-off your goods to us Monday – Friday 07.00 – 15.30

    Our logistics manager Mikko Rissanen will service you near the lift door .

    Outside of the normal opening hours, the receiving and the loading of the goods must be agreed in advance.

    Our production is running Monday – Friday

    When separately agreed, it is also possible to use our services on the weekends.