The Key Flag Symbol

The Key Flag Symbol helps you recognize that Linjateräs’ products are made and produced in Finland

The services and products produced by Linjateräs are officially worthy of the Key Flag origin mark. The Keyflag symbol notifies you that the product is manufactured and/or the service is produced in Finland.

The symbol is granted only to companies whose products and labour are of at least 50% Finnish origin and it is monitored yearly. The average Finnish content of The Key Flag products is over 80%. That is also how it is with us here at Linjateräs. We are proud to be able to use the Key Flag origin mark as a symbol of Finnish work and services.

When you work with Linjateräs, you support Finnish work, products and labor. Thank you for that!

You can read more about the other certificates we have been granted here and about the Key Flag here.

The Key Flag symbolizes that Linjateräs' work and products and made in Finland