The mission of Linjateräs is to give the customer a competitive edge through cost-effective, high-quality surface treatment. We want to be the best Finnish company in our field, and our operations are built around our competent and professional personnel.

-Tero Viitanen, CEO

Linjateräs – industrial coating worthy of your brand

Established in 1965, Linjateräs is a stable family-owned company that specialises in durable, visually impressive and cost-effective powder coating. We have been offering surface treatment services since 1970, and our operations began to take their current shape in 1975 when we started our first automated coating line. Our current production facility in Myllypuro, Tampere employs more than 20 industry professionals.

200-metre continuous production line

Our continuous production line spans an impressive 200 m, and our daily powder coating capacity is up to 4,000 m²!

Maximum dimensions for coated objects

  • Width: 1,150 mm
  • Height: 2,050 mm
  • Length: 6,600 mm (up to 9,100 mm under certain conditions)
  • Point load: 100 kg/m

Quick deliveries

We know that the tightening competition in the market for powder-coated end products poses a continuous challenge for staying on schedule. Therefore, we offer a 1–5 day lead time. Our good geographical location allows our deliveries to reach all directions quickly.

We value high quality and strong competence

One of our core values is high quality because we are here for the long haul. We understand that quality is also important for end customers, so we have invested in regular and comprehensive quality control on our coating line. Enterprise resource planning and periodic staff training are also our focus areas. We take pride in our professional competence.

We take responsibility for the environment

Considering the environment is an integral part of our basic activities. Powder coating is an eco-friendly choice compared to the other painting methods in the market because it is completely free of chromium and phosphates and does not generate any VOC emissions.

We deliver on our promises

We already have more than 150 long-term customers who rely on us. We want to keep earning their trust now and in the future.

Recommended by our customers

“For several years now, Linjateräs has been providing us with quick and thorough surface treatment of our aluminium components and profiles. The end results have met our strict quality standards without exception."

Jussi Aro, CEO, Purso Oy

Our efficiency creates a competitive edge for our customers

The long-term development of our activities and our investments in new technology allow us to deliver cost-effective service solutions and to grow our capacity in order to serve new customers.

We believe in long-term partnerships that evolve

Our values support long-term partnerships, so we offer tailored solutions that meet your individual needs. Powder coating creates the visible layer in product manufacturing, and it is one of the last stages in the production process. This creates new opportunities for collaboration.

We can be your competitive partner!

Safety gives stability to our daily work

Occupational health and safety is a priority for us. We aim to eventually set an example for the entire industry. We do not just think about safety – we take action. In addition to quality, industrial housekeeping is reflected in our daily work.